Trevor Smith


Trevor began his K9 career in the Marine Corps in 2006.  At the Military Police Academy, Trevor was among only a handful of nearly eighty Marines selected to attend the Military Working Dog (MWD) Handlers Course.  His dedication, professionalism, and pursuit of excellence led to him to be selected to become a Combat Tracking Dog (CTD) handler, which up until that time had not been a program since the Vietnam War.

The CTD Teams mission was to re-establish contact with the enemy by tracking the paths of travel the enemy moved along.  This included re-establishing contact after enemy ambushes, IED strikes, as well as developing intelligence on enemy movements and operations.  During his training as a CTD handler, Trevor partnered with the dog that would accompany him to fight in South West Asia. During multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Trevor’s efforts on his deployments led to successful disruptions of enemy operations and the capture of numerous enemy high value targets and fighters.

After leaving the Marine Corps in 2011, Trevor returned to Afghanistan as a working dog trainer contracted by the Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service.  At the height of the war in Afghanistan, Trevor trained and advanced seventy-five dog teams which were dedicated to protecting the United States’ diplomatic mission in the hostile country.

After completing his contractual obligations in 2013, Trevor volunteered to return to Afghanistan in 2014 for the Department of Defense as an Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Trainer.  Trevor, as a civilian contractor, was attached to special operations forces and helped secure a compound that was vital to counterterrorism and counter-narcotic operations theater wide.  After five years of deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, the opportunity to continue to follow his passion training and handling dogs presented itself stateside.

Trevor became a handler with the Department of Homeland Security’s National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program.  There he handled, and trained dogs to mitigate threats of terrorism to the American public, and transportation infrastructure.

The summer of 2019 Trevor became a police sergeant at a police department near Huntsville, Alabama.  Trevor was responsible for the training of all police K9s in subject apprehension, drug detection, explosives detection and tracking.

Trevor's experience, dedication, and love for dogs sets him apart as one of the most qualified trainers available in the canine training industry.

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