Client Reviews

Our many years of experience has resulted in many happy clients. Here is a selection of feedback from our clients

Jennifer Rank

I knew from the first training session with Trevor this was the best decision I could have made for my German Shepherd and I. Trevor taught us how to communicate clearly, make corrections, praise, reinforcement exercises, all the advanced obedience, socialization, and overall how to strengthen my relationship with my pup. I am incredibly thankful for Rocket City K-9 services and excited for all the adventures I can have with my dog now with the confidence I have in our training.


Audrey S.

Our pup just graduated from advanced obedience training and aggression rehabilitation with Rocket City K9.

When we started training 8 weeks ago, Vigo wouldn’t go around another dog without attacking - it had gotten that bad. But now we have our good boy back who can go out with us and enjoy life! Trevor was such a phenomenal trainer who really worked us through how we were reinforcing bad behaviors and how to create new positive behaviors. If you have an anxious, aggressive or poor mannered pup, call Rocket City K9 and get your lives and good dog back!


Elliott B.

We have a Catahoula named Ava. She is smart, loyal and can be extremely independent. We completed our off leash advanced obedience course last week and it was worth every dollar. I now feel comfortable handling my dog off leash in any setting. We had a bunch of highlights during training. There were two that stuck out above the rest. One, I can now recall Ava to heel when she is chasing prey off leash. Two, she now performs a modified heel when I ride my bike without a leash on. She follows me at a distance of 5 ft. The ability to control my dog while mt biking is truly incredible.

Why would I choose RCK again? Simple, Trevor is a master of his craft. Each session builds on the last. They give simple instructions and give doggie homework. If you choose RCK9 you and your dog will become closer then you ever could have imagined. If you are considering dog training choose RCK9, they are the best.


Evan Bernas

Trevor was extremely knowledgeable, and was able to completely overhaul my dog's negative behavior in a matter of a few weeks! I would highly recommend Rocket City K9 to anyone wanting to work on their dog’s training!


Paulo M.

Trevor is an AMAZING trainer. He will work with you on any issue you may have. My dog is incredible now!


Sandy Barr

Trevor really helped me in training my wild pup! We can walk enjoyably and she understands meal manners, door manners, and meeting people manners. She is still a puppy and is full of energy and defiance but I can work with her now to enjoy her and help her become a “young dog lady”.


Joseph P.

Trevor is friendly, easy to understand, and a great teacher with unsurpassed experience and knowledge. He’s been teaching me more than I’ve been able to teach my dog. Definitely worth investing the time to learn more about you and your 🐕


Karla LeClaire

Excellent puppy class! Highly recommended. Very knowledgeable- we are all (not just the puppy) learning a lot!!