About Us

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Dog Kind!!


Training Philosophy

At RCK9, we recognize that unless the owner understands how to maintain their dog's training, every dog will inevitably regress. To put it simply, dog training never ends. As long as your dog can smell/hear/touch/taste, everytime you interact with your dog is a training moment. In order to avoid training regression and protect your investment, our programs are designed with varying levels of personal instruction. These personal training sessions will set you and your dog up for a much higher degree of success by giving you the tools needed to continue training long after their sessions with us are completed. You will be taught the fundementals of canine behavior/psychology, how your dog was trained using those fundamentals, how to properly handle your newly trained dog, and how to sustain your dog's training long term. These skills will ensure an unmatched level of success that others can only dream of.